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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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still creating a mess in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we have a team of reporters. cydney long is live along the jersey shore. we sent tim furlong to the delaware beaches to give you the most accurate look at the storm. >> let's begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with where the heaviest of the rain is on that active radar behind you. >> it's pretty colorful. some of the heaviest rain is right over the philadelphia area and into the lower bucks and mercer county. we have just seen an increase. this is just over the past hour. so there was green. and now all of a sudden it is getting heavier. we see moisture coming from. different directions. you can see some coming in off the ocean. things are converging right over our area. that's what's keeping it raining. now we sent storm ranger 10 into
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the heart of the rain. there we are in the lewis, delaware, and it's getting details on where the heaviest rain is. we sent it down to delaware because this is the area where we expect the most rain. and can see the detail over duey beach and we'll continue to follow that throughout the afternoon. don't want it to get stuck in any one particular area. now this area of rain is kind of separated from the low pressure center, which is right down here off the north carolina coast. that in itself is going to be moving offshore. and that's going to take all this moisture with us. so tomorrow is a totally different story. here's the futurecast. we go through the next several hours. you see some of the heaviest rain lining up across new jersey here. that's even into the evening hours while we start drying out from the north and west. it's going to be late tonight
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before we start drying out right at the beaches. and the temperature has been like this all day. 66 in philly. 61 in pottstown. all day. >> mother nature robbing people at the enginejersey shore tryin soak up the last week of summer. >>. >> definitely not a beach day down here in ocean city unless you feel like being blown around by the wind or having the sand whip up into your face. we're about four minutes from high tide. check out the surf here. this is about as high as we have seen it come out here today. not many visitors with us out here on the beach other than surfers looking at these swells. and it's inching closer to taking a bite out of these dunes.
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extremely gusty winds, enough to make it a power struggle for vacationers braving the boardwalk. constant rain and on the beach no sunbathers, instead rough surf is rolling in. it doesn't feel a whole lot like summer. for their crew visiting from new york. >> i didn't expect that like the whole stormy day with the winds and weather. but we at the beach are on vacation. >> like dozens of others bundled in sweatshirts and ponchos, they had planned soaking up the sun. now they are just soaking wet. >> wind, rain, hat blowing off the head. >> it's the only time we can come here. we had no choice. sgl with the beach off limits, amusements shut down due to g t gusty conditions, the family feels like mother nature stole a day from their getaway before
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school begins. >> a little disappointed because i've been bringing them down here since he was a baby. >> also a grandmother of five says the end of week sunshine will be well worth it. >> we expected this at least one day any time we're here a week. we either go to the movies, arcade or thinking taking them up to atlantic city. >> these windy and gusty conditions can be felt all the way to cape may. downed lines or trees, but they are always closely monitoring the summer storm season. coming up at 6:00, why some businesses here at the shore welcome weather like we're having here today. we'll share it with you when e
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we see you at 6:00. live in ocean city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. the most accurate mobile radar unit in our area is storm ranger 10. it's on the ground in delaware tracking this tropical rain. that's where tim furlong is. he will have a live report in about ten minutes. and when we're not on the air, have our app with you to track the rain and plan ahead. in the past hour, we have learned a police officer drown in his own car during the storm in texas. his body just recovered a short time ago. a fifth consecutive day of rain is bringing more misery and destruction to the houston area. president trump got a firsthand look at some of the destruction. a pair of dams that protect downtown houston began overflowing adding to the rising flood waters there. a levee has been breached
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sending water pouring into the area. they plan to open two more big shelters in the city. the number of evacuees grows by the minute. >> the kids are breaking my h d heart. the lost lock look of the elderly. >> the red cross says there are more than 17,000 people in shelters. >> president trump and the first lady landed in corpus christi to view the effects of harvey. the governor of texas briefed the heavy rain. >> i will tell you this is historic, epic, what happens, but you know what, it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> the president is also visiting austin, but not houston. the white house says that's because he wants to be cautious about making sure his activities don't disrupt recovery efforts. randy gyllenhaal flew from philadelphia to texas to cover
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harvey's devastation and the storm's impact on victims. he's joining us lye on the ground in houston. >> you have been out with rescue crews all day as they are rescuing people in new flood areas, right? >> reporter: we are in northwest houston, which for a couple days after this storm did not have all that much flood water, but take a look behind me now in this subdivision it's about waist deep in the middle of the road. you have rescue boats from all over texas to pick people up. if we zoom in past that, you can see a car completely submerged. that's what we have been seeing as we have been tagging along with some of the rescue teams. this area is flooding because of a reservoir. the reservoir that overflowed last night was supposed to cap at 108 feet and now it's much higher than that leaving a lot of homes and people stranded except for the help of good samaritans like the ones you see here. in northwest houston, neighbors thought they were in the clear until this morning when the
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reservoir overflowed for the first time in history. now a massive mobilization of boats, coast guard choppers, even the national guard scooping up anybody who needs to get to shelter. >> just pick up as many people as we can. >> we find a retired texas judge with a spare boat ready to help avoiding sunken cars we take off into the neighborhood and arrive at this cul-de-sac we find three college student who is need a ride out. half their family is staying behind waving good-bye as the three girls are taken b to a high water truck, dropped off with volunteer firefighters and heading to higher ground. dozens of rescues just like this in one single subdivision back on dry land neighbors are convinced it's time to go. >> they are saying you need to get out now. luckily, i got out in time.
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>> reporter: what's this going to look like when you come home? >> i probably won't have a car. and it will probably just be an ocean. >> back here live, another boat coming out of this neighborhood with more people. including some constables. this is what we've been seeing as you saw from the story. a lot of boats and helicopters. even high water vehicles. we have been told that the pennsylvania national guard which deployed out of philadelphia will be staging in this general area of northwest houston. doing a lot of this work you're seeing here behind me. >> no rain right now, but it's been raining for so long are you starting to e see signs of weather conditions starting to improve? >> right now it's drizzling, but it's not pouring, which is a good sign. that storm is beginning to move off to the east, which is positive news. the flooding continues.
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most of this flooding isn't because of the pouring rain that's gathering. it's because of the overflow of the dam and there's another reservoir that's also seeing an overflow. this flooding will continue despite the fact that the storm is beginning to move off the coast. even more boats coming down here. when will all the rain finally stop? >> let's go to meteorologist tammie souza who is tracking harvey and the storm in our area too. >> we're focusing on harvey right now. the rain is going to come to an end. i'm not sure there's a person that doesn't have a friend or family member down there in houston. everybody is watching so closely. you can still see heavy bands km coming into the east because over the gulf is where the storm is. you can really see all the moisture being pulled in from this sform as well. it's impressive when you look at it from this standpoint. here's the last 24 hours of
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rainfall. what does that mean to you? take a look. the shades of gray and white, that was nearly 13 inches that fell in the last 24 hours there. houston about 4 inches. but it's south and east of houston. >> 45 mile an hour winds. still a tropical storm is is moving to the northeast at 8 miles per hour. it's finally starting to move. this is where it's going to head. it will make another landfall tomorrow. probably early in the morning as a tropical storm. then it just boogys out of there and becomes an area of low pressure. by thursday it's moving through parts of tennessee valley. let's skip ahead. this weekend look at the edge of the cone headed towards philadelphia with tropical rain. not the flooding rain they are seeing down there, but we're going to feel the effects of harvey. we'll have more on your weekend coming up in a few minutes. harvey's rains are falling on new orleans this afternoon as the city marks the 12th
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anniversary of hurricane katrina. officials fear the worst is yet to come there. on this day in 2005 hurricane katrina made landfall. that storm changed the landscape of new orleans forever. 12 years later, katrina remains the costliest natural disaster in the history of the united states. harvey may change all that. it's thursday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you'll be able to call, text, log on to donate money, which will aid the people impacted by harvey. nbc 10 and telemundo will provide updates on tv, online and on our social networks throughout the day. breaking news here at home, police identified a man. wanted for slashing the tires on more more than a dozen police
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cars. crews have been working around the clock to make repairs on the cars. authorities say homes have been known to stay in homeless shelters in the camden area. >> to other news now, a republican congressman and strong supporter of president trump is now trying to win a seat in the senate. representative barletta released a video announcing his run for the seat. he's thoen for illegal immigration and support of the president. president trump urged him to run. bob casey is one of ten democrats nationwide suspending a seat next year in a state won by president trump in last year's election. he's been one of president trump's most volume call opponen opponents. now to the rising tension with north korea.
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trump said all options are on the table after the latest missile test. >> that's the sign of warning sirens after north korea launched a ballistic missile over japan yesterday. that missile flew over japan and splashed into the pacific. in a written statement president trump said north korea's latest test shows contempt towards neighbors that the u.s. ambassador to the united nations echoed. no country should have missiles flying over them like those 130 million people in japan. it's unacceptable. they have violated every single u.n. security council resolution that we have had. >> north korea reignited tensions with the u.s. this weekend by firing three ballistic missiles. a police department just finished equipping each officer with a body camera. every member of the department has a camera used when they are on patrol.
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it cost the department $2 million, but that trust fund will cover that. students headed back to school yesterday. howard high was thrust into the national spotlight last year afterç the death of a student attacked in the school bathroom there. two 17-year-old girls were later convicted in the death. today a major step towards protecting pedestrians in university city. the transportation project opened. it includes sidewalk improvements and a parking protected bicycle lane. the project stretches one mile. back to first alert weather and nbc 10 tracking tropical rain over the area. you can see all the green on
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first alert radar is not moving anywhere any time soon. and tim furlong is with storm chaser. >> plenty of people on the beach are hoping for better weather tomorrow. we all are. >> reporter: not a lot of people on the beach to be honest with you. it's cool to have storm ranger here with us. that dish up there, that information gives us more information about weather all over the entire region. that being said, locally speaking, i don't need a high end piece of equipment to tell you how bad it is at the beaches the wind has gotten worse. i also want to show you the delaware bay. this is where the bay meets the ocean. i can tell you the bay has gotten chompier and. choppi choppier. we're taking it on the chin today. i love the delaware beaches. just not today. >> it stinks to be at the beach when it's cold and rainy.
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>> reporter: kiley will tell you the downside of camping at beaches is is days like this. >> we're going to hope for better weather tomorrow. >> this weather for the birds, these waves no good for anybody. they are too big and rip currents are too strong. not a day for go carts and water slides either. the crowds also found their way to the outlets. the only tough part is parking today. >> hard getting in and out of the shops stepping in puddles, but i'm all right. >> reporter: all the many spots stayed closed today it's still better than being at work. >> you have a good time to be together with the family. we had a couple good beach days and now we can rough it out in the weather. it's aen different veerns, but it's still fun.
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>> reporter: we really haven't had any reports of serious flood ing yet anywhere in delaware. that's good news. in light of what's happening in texas, let's be honest. this really isn't all that bad. it really is just an annoyance. we're going to have people's reactions and thoughts about what's happening here and down south when we join you at 5:00. >> definitely a day you don't want to be out on the beach. let's go to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a look at our weather today and what's to come. >> yesterday we issued the first alert for delaware and into south jersey at the shore. and that's where the worst weather is. the rest of us just have a rainy day. here's another part of delaware. wilmington has been looking like this all day. not quite as gloomy up to the northeast. at least it's not the kind of
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rain they are getting in delaware. we continue to see rain throughout the area. it is not letting up until you get to the poconos and central pennsylvania. you can see it's raining everywhere. so it's going to take awhile before it stops. storm ranger 10 right where tim furlong is. as he was telling you, we can get into very close detail where the worst weather is. that's why we sent storm ranger 10 right there to delaware to get close up views of the radar to see where the heaviest rain is south of duey beach. this is part of a much larger system, but that one is down here. it's not developed into a tropical storm. it won't. it's just a nasty rainstorm. it will be moving out. it's just a one-day thing. kept the temperature down with the east wind only 66 in philly. 62 in reading and pottstown. that's the warmest it's been all
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day. the average high is 84. now we've got issues down south. still seeing the circulation of h harvey and that keeps the thunderstorms going in southeast texas. but we're also seeing these bands coming in off the ocean even into new orleans. even into florida, hundreds and hundreds of miles away and you can see how heavy these storms are. now houston is back here, so they are out of the worst of it. but louisiana and the florida panhandle are getting crunching with this from these storms pretty heavy and producing flooding. now the remnants of harvey are going to be moving to the northeast. it's 45 miles an hour storm. this is the track of it. and then it's going to move to the northeast over the next couple days. we get into an area of low
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pressure bring iing in some of that moisture. that moisture comes in mostly on saturday afternoon, saturday night and into sunday morning. but tomorrow we start to get that north wind. the wind shifts, the weather gets better. look at that compared to stoed. reading at 77 degrees. it really does get better. to this now. an unholey act. >> the fbi is looking for two women whose bad habits led them to rob a local bank. the search for the nuns on the run that is the talk of the town in the polk knows. also helping harvey victims, how churches are getting set to bring relief for people down south. the cowboy corral, how this rancher managed to rescue several horses from the flood waters. that's next on nbc 10 news at
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4:00. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall e street. it was an up day all around.
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welcome back. the images coming out of texas just speak volumes about what is happening there. >> the national guard is out in full force in houston this afternoon. we see a guardsman carrying a boy from a flooded out home. another hoists the boy's mom on to his back. texas governor has activated the national guard. >> also animals not immune to harvey's impact either. these horses are on higher ground now after they were rescued. they were up to their necks at this point. but thanks to the work of that cowboy, they made their way out of those high waters. >and tron call rains are dumpin
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a super soaker on our area as well. taking a live look from storm ranger 10, we are not drying out just yet. >> let's take a little off of that. the storm is sticking around for several more hours. i'll let you know when we're going to dry out and when harvey may impact our area. working without a contract, local teachers toughing it out as they struggle to reach an agreement before the start of the school year. also hot and fresh pizza delivered without a driver. where that concept is getting a test run at 5:00. and nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. there's only one more preseason game left to go this thursday. eagles head north to play the jets. we'll kick off coverage here only on nbc 10.
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wet and windy, it is a poncho and umbrella type of day across our area including right here in ocean city. despite the rough surf, this guy was brave enough to wade a little way into the water. taking a live look from the expressway and the vine street expressway, a lot of cars on the road. the roads are slick so take it slow isly. >> we have been getting you ready for this rain. >> the system is not moving out yet. >> it's covering much of the area. the heaviest rain continues to be in southern delaware and jersey shore.
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the rest of the region is just a rainy day. we see the moisture off the ocean. that's the low level moisture. you see other moisture moving this way. that's higher level moisture. that's what is up from the carolinas. we have an east wind at the surface. it just would have been a cool day. but you got that rain and we're getting this band right across lower bucks and into philadelphia getting a little heavier rain than what we saw earlier today. storm ranger 10 down where the heaviest rain is. you can see this area of heavier rain is there to try to find some of the heaviest and it's just to the south of slaughter beach and just east of milford. and you can see where some of the reds are. so it's getting very close to slaughter beach right now. the storm itself the center of it is down off the north carolina coast.
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it's not developed into a tropical storm. it's going to move that way and take this moisture out that way. at least eventually we'll take a little while. more rain is coming tonight. if anything the computer models showing that it gets heavier in delaware and south jersey as we go through the evening. while it tapers off north and west. some areas are going to have a real rainy evening. others are going to see improvement. we're all going to be affected gi by the remnants of harvey. >> president trump calls harvey a storm of epic proportions. the president arife ved in texa today to be briefed on the damage and recovery efforts. harvey has caused catastrophic damage and it is not over yet. we learned a short time ago a houston police officer drown in his patrol car as he was driving to work. >> people are lining up outside the arena that is home to the
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houston rockets anticipating it will be one of two shelters the city announced it would be opening. >> local churches are answering the call. >> they believe it's only a matter of time before they make their way from the gulf coast to our area to try to get help. aaron spoke with leaders today about their plans and he's joining us live from south philadelphia. >> it seems like everybody wants to help. they are still trying to figure out exactly what they should do. that includes all the church cans in the area i talked to so many leaders today over here including the baptist church in south philadelphia. the leaders here have been working the phones all day. they say they are waiting and ready. >> what happened with katrina, there were people that went into churches and churches found housing for them.
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>> reporter: reverend edmond, one of many church leaders looking for ways to help victims. he says one way is to open the doors to his church at 5th and snider in south philadelphia. >> there are some connections here in philadelphia. i think in a couple weeks we'll see. there will be people coming here to the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: he believes churches will be vital if it comes to this area. >> we are in a position. >> he's been talking with church leaders and leads an organization representing 115 kwler ji members. >> we really would like philadelphia to be ready to receive some of the warmest people you ever want to meet.
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>> so many agencies and organizations are standing by right now like with katrina ready to help. we reached out to the red cross. they are standing by saying they are ready for any houston evacueeses that may kol this way to help with housing. we also talked to the city about their action plan. we'll have that part of the story tonight at 5:30. for now live in south philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> other churches are helping to work the victims of harvey. masses in the diocese will hold special collection this is weekend. the diocese of wilmington have asked to do the same. they can take up collections immediately so money may be sent as soon as possible. nbc 10 is hosting a drive this thursday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you'll be able to call, text and log on to donate money to help
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those affect bid harvey. we will provide updates to those on special networks throughout the day. here's a look at the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in mercer county, trenton firefighters could lose their jobs if the city doesn't get a federal grant it counts on to pay them. the city submitted a plan to lay off firefighters if fema doesn't come through with the money. cities applied for the grant, but it will be a few weeks before they will know if they get it. trenton is no stranger to this dilemm dilemma. the push for a new teachers contract will be front and center. teachers are starting the new school year without a contract. >> in bucks county, a mom and her two kids broke ground on what will be their new home thanks to habitat for humanity. right now the family is renting an apartment that's too small and expensive.
4:37 pm
the new home will have plenty of bedrooms and it will be energy efficient. look at the smiles on their faces. they build affordable homes for low-income families. >> getting ready for a party on the parkway to close out the summer. >> nbc 10 is getting you ready for the made in america festival. >> and it's going to be missed. the eagles trade john dorn back.
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a word of warning. mothers exposed to pesticides, they found exposure at high levels could lead to birth defects. they looked at a half million birth defects born in an agricultural section of california. women who have the highest exe poe sure increased odds of premature birth and other defects. a warning today for parents of baby outfaciliits sold at cr
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barrel. they are recalling the infant rompers because buttons can come off which poses a choking h hazard. they have a tool box design on the front. you can return them to any old country store for a full refund. nbc 10 first alert weather tracking tropical rain soaking our area now. taking a live look at slow going on the expressway at city avenue from our presidential city camera. the roads are wet. all that rain is making for a slow commute. the rain is going to stay with us for a whole lot longer. i'm tracking when we're going to try out and what you can expect for the holiday weekend in your most accurate weather forecast. harvey is dumping record rainfall on parts of texas. just imagine 30 inches of rain fell in our area. what would that look like ahead at 5:00 we'll show you the impact.
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today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you.
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hundreds of students se celebrated going back to school with song and dance today. check it out. complete with costumes and choreography, staff from the charter school entertain ed wit this flash mob inside their schools. the group sang "you can't stop the beat." it's the theme for the school year. speaking of music education, this year two delaware county schools thanks to the save the music foundation today wood lynn received new musical instruments and more. they will all be used to start new band programs. the alantown fair is underway.
4:46 pm
♪ >> makes you want to sound southern. thomas ret takes the main stage tonight. other performers include keith urban and rascal flatts. this is the 165th year for the great allentown fair and runs through monday. things are coming together for this weekend's made in america festival. you see the stage getting ready there. going up outside the art museum. the two-day event includes 60 bands on five stages on the parkway. local kids got to work out like a pro today with help from the phillies. the 2017 national play campaign made a stop at citizens bank park. members of the training staff showed the kids some moves and talked about the importance of leading healthy and active lives. those planks are hard.
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>> here's a live look at our wet citizens bank park. the phillys are supposed to play the braves. >> if you're going, pack a poncho. >> it's going to be wet over the next couple hours. but the back edge of the rain is not that far away. that's where it was. it's fighting the back edge of this thing. taking it down to where we're expecting the heaviest rain today. certainly what we've got is the latest area of heavy rain. it's coming in off the delaware bay. and some of that is on the heavy side.
4:48 pm
it's not attached to the main system, which is down this. did not develop into a tropical storm. it's not going to. this will not be irma. it's developing off the coast of africa right now. you may hear about that in a week or ten days or so. that's got a lot more potential. 66 degrees in philly. that's as warm as it's been all day. it's still raining. gloomy skies across the area. and at the jersey shore, just a miserable day with a northeast wind and temperatures in the 60s. it's going to be a much better day tomorrow. and it will be already getting rain tapering off. new orleans is seeing some pretty heavy storms. they are just into the light
4:49 pm
rain now. so heavier rain in the eastern side of texas. new orleans has been getting thunderstorms all the way out to panama city, florida. from harvey. we have dry weather everywhere. easton at 7 7. at least a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. wildwood at 74. actually got some sunshine tomorrow. and then over the weekend, remnants from harvey coming up. but it does look like it's going to affect your weekend. clouds come in saturday early. then the rain. most of the rain saturday afternoon and into sunday morning. sunday afternoon we may dry out. and then monday labor day looks like the best day of the holiday
4:50 pm
weekend. so as you can see this, 82 degrees at the shore for labor day. so here's the ten-day. we've got saturday, 74 degrees. showers coming in as we go into saturday afternoon and then sunday morning. next at 4:00, nuns on the run. the bad habit bank robbery that's the talk of a local town. and don't forget to vote for a high school football game of the week this week's choices are on the screen. cast your vote visit or the nbc 10 app. you can also call or text your choice to 610-624-4111.
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right now at 4:00, a bad habitç bank robbery. if you're thooef disguised as nuns. they left without any money. >> but their act has everyone talking. steven fisher has the story. >> reporter: bank robbers come in all different shapes and sizes. >> so many people struggling with money that i guess they have gotten to the point they will try just about anything. >> reporter: and wear just about anything. in these surveillance photos, one woman is dressed as a nun carrying a black handgun and the other wearing sunglasses. >> it's a nun outfit. i think it was just for distraction.
4:55 pm
>>. >> reporter: the nuns walked into thises bank with the intent to rob it. but police say they got spooked. >> they i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: bank customers said it's something out of a movie. where the bank robbers dress up in suits and masks as u.s. presidents. >> maybe they figured they will get in the bank and nobody would think about it. >> she says that only does this bother her because she's a customer, she's also kcatholic. those fake nuns are still on the run today. i'm told the fbi office is now investigating this attempted b
4:56 pm
robbery. reporting in pocono township, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. as rescue efforts continue in and around houston, texas, nbc 10 is there bringing you around the clock coverage for the crisis. there's a guy in the second floor. he just asked if we have room. >> nbc 10's rush limbaugh is with rescue croews as they help storm survivors we take you right to the front line of the efforts at 5:00. and we're tracking tropical rain here at home. who is going to get what, how long this is going to last and when we'll see the sunshine again.
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every second counts, the rescue caught on camera in houston and what the police chief is afraid e he will find when the water recedes. the reservoir overe flowing, even though the rain has stopped, the flooding is getting worse. the nonstop efforts to save life and property. the we begin with a big problem for people rying to get home on the market-frankford line. they are not operating because of power problems. this is a lye look at 30th street station this evening.
5:00 pm
someone saw some smoke coming from one of the cars chrks is causing this disruption. shuttle buss are operating in its place. nbc 10 is on the way to the scene. a first alert is in effect as tropical rain pummelled the shore. the storm is creating gray skies and choppy waves. >> you don't have to be on the coast to get soaked today. in south philadelphia, we were going to e show you lincoln financial field, but we still see the coast here. it's a miserable day out here. i'm jim rosenfield. a very gray link. >> i'm jacqueline london. we want to get over to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more on this weather. he's tracking the rain as it moves across the region. who is getting the worst of it. >> continues to be in delaware and south jersey. although it's been raining hour after hour afterr


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